Picture of Mini Wax Burner Gift Basket
Picture of Mini Wax Burner Gift Basket

Mini Wax Burner Gift Basket

from £9.99 plus shipping Part of our Wedding Presents collection.
Available in 108 scents.


Fill your home with long lasting fragrances.  We have a range of Wax Burner Gift Sets for you to choose from which will make a great present suitable for any occasion.

This beautifully presented gift basket contains:

  • A mini Elephant and Lotus Flower wax burner, select the colour burner you want
  • A boxed handmade scented organic wax melt that breaks into 6 individual chunks (a bit like a chocolate bar!).  Choose the scent you want, there are over 100 available
  • 4 soy wax unscented tealights presented in a black drawstring organza bag. We recommend using an unscented tea light inside the burner so you do not mask the fragrance of the wax melt
  • Presented in a willow and canvas basket.

Your wax burner can be used with small wax melts or fragrance oils.  

All products, including the packaging used for the Gift Baskets, are environmentally friendly.

Dimensions of gift basket:  37 x 22 x 13cm

Available in 3 options:Light Purple Mini Elephant for £9.99 Light Blue Mini Elephant for £9.99 Light Orange Mini Elephant for £9.99


AdonisWoody amber, sweet cedar and peppercorn. To help stimulate sex appeal.
Alien PrincessFruity, floral and musky. An Intergalactic dream.
Almond BlossomA fresh almond blossom fragrance
AphroditeA blend of cinnamon, ginseng and patchouli
AppleSweet, tart and authentic.
Apple PieButtery, tart and with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg
Apple SpiceFruity, spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg
Baby PowderOne of the nicer smells to come off a baby.
Bakewell TartSmells exactly like the much beloved cake.
BananaSweet, creamy and authentic.
Barber ShopAll you need is the click of the scissors and you're there.
BeerLight beer aroma
Berry JamA mash up of fresh British berries
Better Than SexDecadent and delicious, all your favourite desert smells.
BlueberrySweet and summery
BreadFool everyone into thinking you've been baking all day!
BubblegumSuper strong and super sweet
Candy CrushA mix of bubblegum, cotton candy and lemon drops.
CandyflossSweet and sugary cotton candy.
CaramelSuper sweet, creamy and authentic
Cedar PatchouliWarm and woody cedar with heady patchouli
Chai TeaSpicy and fresh.
ChamomileFresh and soothing
Champagne and StrawberriesThe smell of weddings, birthdays, christenings or any celebration
CherryBeautifully sweet and authentic
Cherry AmarettoSweet syrupy almondy amaretto fragrance
ChocolateRich and creamy. You'll crave chocolate when you burn this.
Chocolate CaramelA creamy caramel fragrance with notes of chocolate
Christmas MemoriesAll the smells of Christmas
Christmas PuddingChristmas Pudding fragrance
Christmas SpiceChristmas fragrances
Cinnamon and NutmegA spicy gourmande aroma blends notes of cardamom, nutmeg and pink pepper
Citronella LemonadeCitrus aromas
Citrus BasilSimilar to a popular perfume
CoconutThe smell whisks you off to paradise
Coffee and CreamFresh-brewed cappuccino
ColaSweet and Fizzy
Cool YuleCitrus and relaxing aromas
Cranberry WreathSweet ripe cranberry
Creme BruleeVanilla and caramel
Custard CreamCream and biscuit scented
DaffodilThe smell of spring
Damson PlumStrong and tart
Dragon's BloodEarthy and spicy.
Earl Grey TeaStrong and refreshing
EnergyAn energising mix of mint and citrus
EspressoA rich blend of sweetened coffee beans
Fairy DustA beautiful blend of flowers and musk
FigFresh-picked fig fragrance
Fresh LinenGet that fresh bed smell
Fudge BrownieSeriously chocolatey
Galaxy of StarsFloral, fruity, spicy and musky.
GingerbreadA spicy sweet fresh-baked gingerbread fragrance
Green TeaClean and calming
HeatherSoft and fresh
HoneycombWarm and rich
HoneysuckleStrong and sweet
Indulgence DessertsFudge Brownie, Bakewell Tart, Custard Cream, Creme Brulee
Indulgence FloralsRose, Lavender, Jasmine, Lilac
Indulgence FruitsApple, Cherry Amaretto, Satsuma, Mulberry
Indulgence SelectionFudge Brownie, Mermaid Kisses, Bakewell Tart, Honeycomb
JasmineA sweet floral fragrance
Jasmine TeaCalm and floral.
JellybeanSo good you'll want to eat it (Please don't)
LavenderSmells like your grandma
LilacAn authentic lilac fragrance
Lime, Basil and MandarinA blend of lime, basil and mandarin orange
LiquoriceTake you back to your childhood with all sorts of aromas
Love SpellCitrus and berry on a bed of white musk
MarshmallowSugary and fluffy
MarzipanSweet almonds
MelonDelicious, sweet and fresh
Mermaid KissesThe fresh smell of the sea
MimosaA sweet, warm, powdery smell, with facets of almond, honey, violet and fresh cucumber
MojitoSugar and mint, lime and rum
MulberryDelicious ripe mulberries
Orange and ChilliA lovely sweet smell with a spicy kick
Parma VioletSoft sweet musky fragrance
Pina ColadaPineapple, coconut and vanilla.
Pine TreeFresh, strong and earthy.
PineappleDelicious and juicy
Pink MuskPink musk fragrance
Poison AppleSweet, tart, light and cheerful apple aroma
Pomegranate NoirSimilar to a popular perfume
Pumpkin PiePumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and vanilla.
RaspberrySweet and fruity
Red Velvet CakeChocolate, strawberry and vanilla
RelaxA relaxing mix of lavender and musk
RosesEveryday can be valentines day with this scent
Salted CaramelSuper sweet and creamy
SandalwoodEarthy Sandalwood fragrance
SarsaparillaA sparkling rootbeer type aroma
SatsumaA juicy satsuma fragrance
SeaweedA fresh smell of the sea
Sherbert LemonA zingly tingly sweet lemon fragance
Smokey OudA strong and woody fragrance
StrawberrySweet, fresh and authentic
SunflowerAn uplifting sunflower fragrance
Sweet DreamsA sleepy mix of baby powder, rose petals and vanilla.
Sweet PeaFloral, herby and musky.
Toffee AppleTart and syrupy
Tomato LeafA fresh green fruity floral fragrance
UnscentedUnscented Vegan Soy Wax
Vampire KissSherbet, fruit and vanilla
VanillaBeautfiully light and creamy
Wedding DayA beautiful mix of fruit and flora
White MuskA sensual blend of spices and white florals
Winter BalmA menthol eucalyptus blend, fresh and invigorating
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