Picture of Indulgence Wax Burner Gift Set
Picture of Indulgence Wax Burner Gift Set
Picture of Indulgence Wax Burner Gift Set
Picture of Indulgence Wax Burner Gift Set

Indulgence Wax Burner Gift Set

from £19.99 plus shipping Part of our Indulgence and Wedding Presents collections.
Available in 4 scents.


Fill your home with long lasting fragrances.  We have a range of Wax Burner Gift Sets for you to choose from which will make a great present suitable for any occasion.

This beautifully presented gift box contains:

  • A wax burner, click on the arrows in the above image to see the burners available
  • 4 individually handcrafted soy wax melts created for their visual impact
  • 6 soy wax unscented tealights presented in a black drawstring organza bag. We recommend using an unscented tea light inside the burner so you do not mask the fragrance of the wax melt.

Your wax burner can be used with wax melts or fragrance oils.  

If your choice of 4 wax melts is not show above please email me and I will add it to the collection.

All products, including the packaging used for the Gift Set, are environmentally friendly.

Dimensions of presentation box: 38 x 29.5 x 9cm

Colour:  Black Lid, Gold Box, Cream Ribbon

Available in 15 options:Black Buddhist Head for £19.99 White Buddhist Head for £19.99 Green Buddha Head for £19.99 Pink Polka Dot for £19.99 Blue Polka Dot for £19.99 Orange Polka Dot for £19.99 Sage Green Elephant for £19.99 Pink Elephant for £19.99 White Dragonfly for £19.99 Blue Fish for £19.99 Turquoise Fish for £19.99 White Heart for £19.99 Elephant Base with Two Tone Bowl for £19.99 Pink Sugar Skull for £19.99 Teal Sugar Skull for £19.99


Indulgence DessertsFudge Brownie, Bakewell Tart, Custard Cream, Creme Brulee
Indulgence FloralsRose, Lavender, Jasmine, Lilac
Indulgence FruitsApple, Cherry Amaretto, Satsuma, Mulberry
Indulgence SelectionFudge Brownie, Mermaid Kisses, Bakewell Tart, Honeycomb
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