Vintage Belle Crafts specialises in Handmade, Eco-Friendly Soy wax based candles. Our candles are suitable for use around asthma sufferers, babies and small children, also pets. There are no harmful toxins released when the candle is lit which can occur when lighting cheap, mass produced, mineral oil based candles. We only use natural products so our candles are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Buy from our Online Shop or visit our candle and gift shop in Gatley, Stockport, Cheshire

We create fabulous handmade aromatic candles and handcrafted wax melts using the best fragrances available. This environmentally friendly wax is long lasting and burns for hours, releasing bursts of fragrance the whole time.

If you believe you cannot burn candles as you have suffered previously from migrains or headaches you may be surprised the difference burning completely natural candles will do - buy one from us, if you get a headache as a result of burning one of our candles we will give you your money back.

We offer:

  • Unique handcrafted wax melts lovingly handmade in a shape which compliments the fragrance
  • A candle refill service - refill your favourite candle holders; tea cups, a special glass, anything that can sustain the heat of a candle or recycle empty food jars from home, they make excellent candles
  • Gifts suitable for any occasion; candles, wax melts, wax bars, tealights, tealight holders, wax/oil burners
  • Wax burner and wax melt gift sets
  • Autentico Products, Vintage Belle Crafts is an Official Autentico Stockist
  • Reusable home fragrances

I am always look for excuses to create new scents - my favourite requests so far has been for Alien Princess and Mermaid Kisses. So if there is a scent you particulary desire please get in touch with me - half the fun for me is mixing it up.

Please visit our website again as we are constantly adding new products - Thank you.

If you want any further information please contact me.

If your interested in being an independent distributor of Vintage Belle Crafts products, please contact me

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